Home Automation

Contact High Velocity Home TheaterHigh Velocity Home Theater offers customers the sensational experience of a fully automated 21st century home. Home Automation allows you to control and schedule electronic devices throughout your home from a single location in your home or from a remote location such as from your office or cellular phone.

We will realize your ideal private home theater, entire home audio system and seamless control of every modern convenience – all with simple, one touch control.

Gallant TechnologyHome Theater

Control video, audio and lighting to customize your viewing experience.

Acoustic Design by Gallant Home Theater

Music System

Enjoy music throughout your home, poolside and patio or in a single room.

Learn more about our Distributed Audio Services.

Acoustic Design by Gallant Home TheaterSecurity

Manage your security system from a single location or remotely.


Acoustic Design by Gallant Home TheaterLighting

Use one remote to schedule and adjust lighting throughout your entire house.

Acoustic Design by Gallant Home TheaterClimate Control

Monitor and adjust temperature, shades, lighting and humidity levels automatically. Adjust for energy efficient levels while you are away and for more comfortable temperatures by the time you return.

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