Custom Home Theaters

Contact High Velocity Home TheaterA Custom Home Theater from High Velocity integrates the latest technologies with automation and acoustic design to give you the best home theater experience.

We work carefully with each client to create a custom entertainment experience perfectly suited to their needs – and desires.

We handle the details. You enjoy the big picture.

Gallant TechnologyTechnology

High Velocity works with the highest quality audio and video companies.

We pride ourselves on providing the latest in High Definition Video and Surround Sound. We know the technology, keep up with it and provide it to you.

Acoustic Design by Gallant Home Theater

Interior Design

The home theater experience depends greatly on the aesthetics of the theater and acoustic design. High Velocity Home Theater will work closely with interior designers and contractors to insure that everyone has the best seat in the house.


Acoustic Design by Gallant Home TheaterAutomation

Using three different remote controls simply to operate your television, DVR and sound system is a thing of the past. 

Not only will High Velocity automate your home theater, we will enable you to control electronic devices throughout your residence from a single location.

Read more about complete Home Automation

Acoustic Design by Gallant Home TheaterAcoustic Design

A room is an audio component in and of itself. Unfortunately, it is often the last thing taken into account when designing a home theater.

High Velocity considers the room acoustics as importantly as we consider the electronic and sound equipment that will be placed in the room. Room size and volume as well as shape are major factors in providing the best audio experience. Acoustical treatments and placement of components can provide clarity of sound and clean bass in a home theater system.  Also, we understand that surround sound is fundamentally different than older 2-channel audio.  We design systems as such to provide the best sound experience.

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